Introducing 3B Documents & Electronic Signatures

An application built natively on the Salesforce platform that structures and generates electronic documents and manages collection of required signatures from both Salesforce and non-Salesforce sources.

The application is created using cutting edge technologies that scale without the added transaction costs of third-party software. Agreements are safely and centrally stored for easy access, search, and retrieval. 3B streamlines agreement preparation, supports redlining, facilitates collaboration and maintains approvals.

  • Nested Related Children
    Supports rendering repeatable blocks with multiple nested child related objects
  • Unlimited Parent Relationships
    Adds merge tags which traverse an unlimited number of parent relationships
  • Document Version Control
    Creates a snapshot of a document each time a change is registered. Rewinds back to an older version if needed
  • Reusable Sub-Templates
    Marks templates as "Sub-Templates" to allow embedding them in other templates. Supports both Static and Dynamic sub-templates
  • Coming Soon! Contract Redlining
    Permits multiple collaborators, in line with their assigned permissions and a configured approval process, to edit and agree on the terms of a contract
  • Assign Multiple Signatories
    Supports multiple signatories to any document that requires an electronic signature. Structures the order of signing and controls the workflow
  • Embedded Input Elements
    Supports embedded HTML Elements e.g. drop downs, checkbox(es), radio-buttons, text input, date input on templates that collect user inputs
  • Extend Functionality With Code Snippets
    Uses Custom Function Expressions that extend the application and integrate with charting software, and supports adding your own logic for rendering

Use 3B E-Sign to get generated documents signed securely. Go to 3B E-Sign

Comparison With Other Generators

Not all products are made the same. Here is a quick table to let you compare between the different offerings available on the Salesforce platform.

Note: to use the PDF as an input format, you must use our 3B Sign application

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    Support rendering repeatable blocks with multiple nested child related objects
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Download the application by searching "3B Docs" in the AppExchange

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